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Parallel Lines

Latinx Actor Training 

co-edited by Cynthia Santos DeCure & Micha Espinosa

Latinx Actor Training presents essays and pioneering research from leading Latinx practitioners and scholars in the United States. It aims to examine the history and future of Latino/a/x/e actor training practices and approaches. Latinx representation on-stage and screen remains disproportionately low despite population growth. The book was born out of the urgent need to address the inequities in academia and the industry. It seeks to reimagine and restructure the practice of actor training, while also inviting a deep investigation into heritage and identity practices. 

Latinx Actor Training features contributions that cover current and historical acting methodologies and principles. It explores linguistic identity, casting considerations, and culturally inclusive practices, aiming to empower a new generation of Latinx actors. The book also assists educators entrusted with Latinx actors training, and dedicated to creating career success. The hope is to champion positive narratives to combat pervasive and damaging stereotypes. 

Latinx Actor Training offers culturally inclusive pedagogies that will be invaluable for students, practitioners, and scholars interested in the intersections of Latinx herencia (heritage), identity, and actor training.


Scenes for Latinx Actors


The repertoire offered here provides actors with a multitude of stories about Latinx life in the Americas in all of its complexity. Nonetheless each scene provides performers with what they need from this volume for classroom and professional presentations: short, incisive, lucid scenes and compelling relationships and play worlds that make the richness of Latinx life perceivable by a variety of audiences. The content of scenes varies wildly, some take on contemporary racist and xenophobic political formations, others gesture to the long history and the effects of dictatorships in the Southern Cone. Others take on daily life in American cities, revealing the characters struggles to survive. There are stories of leaving and coming home, plays based on Greek myths, plays that re-write history, plays that point to the racism of Hollywood and the industry. All are compelling and emotionally gripping, many are slyly humorous, a few downright heartbreaking. Scenes for Latinx Actors is an extraordinary resource for the American Theater of the 21st Century.

Some additional publications

  • Chapter contributor: "La Voz de Shakespeare: Empowering Latinx Communities to speak, own and embody Shakespeare’s texts,"  book: Shakespeare and Latinidad

       (Edited Carla Della Gatta and Trevor Buffone) Edinburgh University Press  2021


  • OpEd: "Linguistic Identity and Hollywood: Hoping Spielberg and Sorkin got the Latinx accents right."                                                                   Visibility Magazine, 2021                                                                        

  • Book Review: Monologues for Latino/a Actors  (edited by Micha Espinosa)                                                            Voice and Speech Review Journal - Taylor & Francis Publishers   ​

Parallel Lines
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